Monday, May 5, 2008

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Snake Proof Boots: An Absolute Necessity for Outdoor Hiking

Snake proof boots are extremely important for safety's sake, especially if you go out for hikes without a snake bite kit, or if you simply plan to be out for a very long time. Venomous snakes are in virtually every part of the environment, and unless you live in Greenland or Alaska, they're a danger that you have to deal with.

Many people believe that there are specific rattle snake proof boots that are made for desert hiking. The truth is that a pair of snake proof boots should work in any environment. This includes the desert where you may run into rattlesnakes, swamps in the south or rivers where Cottonmouths might be present, or anywhere else. A copperhead snake bite is the same as a diamondback rattlesnake's bite or any other snake.

The one exception to this is the coral snake, which is a posionous snake bite, but its teeth aren't the same as most other venomous snakes. The good news with this is that it's harder for a coral snake to bite through human skin than it is for the other types of venomous snakes who commonly bite hikers and campers. So if you have a snake proof boot that can stop the fangs of a rattler, then those boots will also protect you from copperheads, water moccasins, and coral snakes.

Snake proof boots are made by many companies, including the ever popular Lacrosse snake proof boots. Boots aren't the only snake proof clothing, either. Different companies offer a wide variety of snake proof clothes in order to keep you safe whether you're hiking in the desert, the forests, or the swamps. Wherever you go hiking, camping, or swimming, these protective clothes are always a top notch idea.

Other Snake Proof Clothes:

Aside from protective hiking boots, companies also make snake proof pants. These are like normal blue jeans, but are made of sturdier, solid material that will prevent the fangs from sinking into your skin. Having these specific snake resistant pants along with the boots will help you to enjoy your outdoor experience without worry.

If you're more into the cowboy look, there are snake proof chaps, as well. These can be worn over the pants, and then with snake proof boots on the bottom you are all set to go out into the wild and be well protected from snake bites of every kind.

Snake bite kits are often taking by hikers and adventurers, but prevention is far better then treatment. While taking a venomous snake bite treatment first aid kit is always a good idea, why would you not actually protect yourself with the types of boots and clothing that could prevent a venomous snake from injecting you with posion in the first place? Snake proof clothing is a great way to protect yourself while enjoying the great outdoors.

So before your next major hike, camping trip, or outdoor adventure, make sure you purchase and wear the appropriate snake proof gear. By taking these precautions ahead of time, you'll be a lot happier and protected against the danger of snake bites.
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