Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All About Snake Proof Boots

Long Ramble on Snake Proof Boots

This post is going to be kind of a long one, but the more I look around the more it becomes apparent that there just isn't a lot of good information on snake proof boots available online. While it's extremely easy to find a place to buy some, it's not nearly as easy to find any type of an online guide or similar type of informational resource that can tell you a lot about what the real deal is behind these great pieces of footwear in general, or a specific brand of snake proof boot.

I've done my best with this blog to set up an informational resource which you might find really helpful in being able to get educated all about how snake boots work, and that with that information you will feel much better and more well prepared to go and make a good choice on the right pair for you.

One of the funny things about snake protection like snake proof clothing is that often times there might be several different names for what basically amounts to the same thing. For example, turkey hunting swamp boots very often are the same exact thing and snake proof swamp boots, but simply marketed very cleverly to individuals who like to hunt wild turkey - especially in swampy areas in the South where the best places to find wild toms are often the same places you're most likely to run into some venomous snakes.

You can't blame some store owners for the clever marketing - and those boots are designed to protect the hunters and anyone else who has to be out in an environment like that. Another thing about snake boots is just how versatile the choices are depending on what exactly you're looking for.

There are many companies who make quality snake boots, and in general one company isn't necessarily any better than the others - they all make quality products that are designed with protection in mind first and foremost. On that level, Chippewa, Lacrosse, Danner, Rocky, Mossy Oak, RedHead, Justin, and other related snake boot companies are all equally good. When you start looking at style or comfort then things can change, but no company in this market is going to get away with releasing a sub standard boot. Not with a person's health at stake!

While Chippewa Snake Proof Boots and Lacrosse Snake Proof Boots have traditionally been the biggest companies with the most sales in the industry, there is a strong trending movement in the industry towards smaller companies like Herman, Rocky, Danner, Justin, and RedHead. These companies have the ability to make very specialty niche boots that might really appeal to one group or one segment in the market and make them the best overall choice for that individual.

It's not difficult to understand this reasoning. If you're looking specifically for a ladies snake proof hunting swamp boot that is also nice enough to wear with a business casual set up at a dance or public get together, then why wouldn't you buy from the one specialty company that makes exactly that instead of settling for something more general that doesn't completely fit what you're looking for?

There are many reasons that snake proof boots do well, not the least of which is peace of mind to go with the protection for your lower legs. These are also made for every member of the family from adults to kids, men and women, girls and boys. There's a lot to like about this footwear, especially for those of us who don't like slithering things all around our feet. So when getting rid of snakes isn't an option, maybe it's time just to buy the boots!