Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Snake Proof Boots = Snake Boots

If you're looking for a good pair of Snake Proof Boots and you're having a hard time finding some online, maybe it's because you're using the wrong search terms. While it seems to make sense that looking for boots that protect you from rattlesnake venom would be "snake proof," apparently a lot of people decided that just calling these specialized hiking and hunting boots "snake boots," is enough.

The two are really the same thing. Whether they are called snake boots or snake proof boots, both are designed to prevent any type of venomous snake from striking your foot. In the U.S. there are over 20 different sub species of rattlesnakes, not to mention coral snakes, copperheads, and water moccasins. These snakes can all give a deadly bite, and even if you survive there is always the possibility of nasty side effects. If you're into hunting marshy areas, or going on adventure hikes in the woods or deserts, a good trustworthy pair of snake boots is not something to be ignored or taken for granted.

There are different types of specialty snake boots out there, but having one isn't necessarily any better or worse than another. Mostly it's just a case of design. For example, snake proof hiking boots will probably look a lot different from snake proof hunting boots, but the two serve the same purpose. Both are there to prevent a slithery little critter from putting a big time hurting on you.

Snake proof hiking boots probably won't come up all that high, enough to protect your feet and lower leg. They will most likely be brown and not look all that different from regular hiking boots. These will be comfortable for long hikes while still giving the protection that you need to make sure you don't end up in the emergency room.

Meanwhile, snake proof hunting boots will probably be larger, looking like big rubber swamp boots that go all the way up to just short of the knee, but while offering better protection than your regular water proof boots would. This is to make sure that if you step too close and your foot sinks six inches into the mud, you still have protection from that Cottonmouth or rattler who decides you're too close and wants to teach you a lesson.

Snake boots are a great safety precaution, and while snake bites resulting in fatalities are rare in the United States, there are over 8,000 reported venomous snake bites a year. If you're traveling in foreign countries for a once in a life time adventure, such as India, Thailand, Australia, Africa (for Safari), or the Amazon, you had better view snake proof boots as a necessity. While deaths are rare in the United States, India has anywhere from 20-50,000 a year. If you're traveling, take the proper precautions.

A good pair of snake proof boots can not only be a good precaution, but they can also save your life.

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