Friday, May 30, 2008

Snake Proof Boots - Getting the Snake Boots You Need

Finding the Right Snake Boots

Finding the right snake boots for your hiking or hunting needs can be extremely difficult because there isn't particularly a lot of good information online on what exactly sets one pair of snake boots apart from another, and part of what complicates matters is how search engines work.

For example, if you type in "snake proof boots" with the quotations, you will get different results than if you type this phrase in without any quotation marks. There will be a lot of overlap, but the quotation marks make enough of a difference that you will get different websites about snake boots. To make things even more complicated, if you type in SNAKE PROOF BOOTS or Snake Proof Boots, that little difference does indeed actually change the search results you can receive.

This are generally minor differences between sites, and then there are some situations which maybe a member of a blog or forum gives great information on a specific type of snake proof boots, but what if he misspells the word? Some of these companies aren't exactly easy to spell. Which one of the following words looks right to you: Chipewa, or Chippewa? Or are they both wrong? This means that by spelling your search term correctly, you might actually not be getting the best information.

Kind of makes your head spin, doesn't it?

While the venomous snakes in the United States are not nearly as dangerous as many of the venomous snakes in other countires and/or continents, but even so if you're out in the back country away from easy medical treatment, why take the chance? At that point a rattler is just as bad as a cobra when there's no treatment in sight. Snake proof boots are a great way of protecting yourself from these very real threats.

Another option to consider if you're looking to get better information is how you type in the search terms. If you type in something like "Lacrosse snake proof hiking boots" you might get a good response from the online search engines, or you might end up with a lot of websites on Lacrosse products that don't have a lot to do with snake proof hiking boots, or they make you search for them.

For another example, I looked around to see what types of search phrases were used to look for snake boots online. I found several based around Chippewa snake boots, so here are several of the terms I found that people used to try to find information:

  1. Chippewa snake boots
  2. snake boots Chippewa
  3. chipewa snake boots
  4. chippewa snake boots free shipping
  5. snake boots chipewa

These five terms show how there can be so many different search terms for even just a specific type of snake proof boots. Even notice for this company that the term is "snake boots" and not even "snake proof boots." If you look for Lacrosse books, then many times you will see the "proof" added on as the way it is used in the second term.

Typing in all of these search terms will get you different results (sometimes wildly different results), and if you left the CAPS button on while doing your search engine searches across the web, then you will get even further different results, as well, as you look for Lacrosse snake proof hunting boots or Chippewa snake proof hiking boots, or whatever else it is exactly that you're looking for before embarking on an outdoors adventure.

There is a wide variety of snake proof boots across the web. This blog is trying to help to inform you on what are some of the best to buy, and what the many options are. Snake boots are great for swamps, forests, deserts, marshes, or to more exotic locations such as rain forests, the Outback, or other places where one snake bite from a more aggressive venomous snake can be much more life threatning than a bite from a coral snake or a foul tempered copperhead.

This thought also brings up another good point: a snake boot is a snake boot. Once in a while you will see a company advertising a rattlesnake proof boot or a water moccasin proof boot. Don't be fooled. Why would one snake boot protect against rattlesnakes but not copperheads or cottonmouths? It doesn't make any sense. A snake proof boot should protect you from every other type of snake, both venomous and not, who would strike at you.

Don't fall for the hype. If you are going to buy a pair of boots to protect yourself from snake bites, then look for those books, don't look for a "specialty" pair of boots. Keep reading with this blog to find out more about snake boots of all types.

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