Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snake Proof Boots: The FAQ

Questions on Snake Proof Boots

There might be few products anywhere that have as many questions about them as snake proof boots. A good pair of snake proof boots can definitely be a life saver out while hunting or hiking. This footwear is designed with the specific intent of preventing the fangs of a venomous snake from penetrating past the skin. By having boots like this that often cover all the way to the knee, the danger from snake bites is greatly reduced when hiking or hunting in areas that are known to be heavily infested.

While the idea of this gear is appealing to a lot of people, there are many questions that arise when looking at these ever important outdoors gear. Because of this, I thought this snake proof boots blog should have a post answering the many questions and answers that all come from many consumers who want to know whether or not these are worth the price.

Frequently asked questions about snake proof boots:

Do snake proof boots really work?
The short answer to this is yes. While each company has its own claim on their boots, these boots are specifically designed to stop snake fangs in a way that other boots are not designed to do. While cowboy boots or big rubber hunting boots might occasionally deflect a snake's blow, they're not specifically designed to do so the way that snake boots are.

Are snake proof boots worth the higher prices?
First of all, there isn't a huge difference in price between regular hunting boots versus snake proof hunting boots. That said, the average hospital or clinic cost for someone who has to have a venomous snake bite treated is now around the area of $10,000 in the United States. And that's if there's no complications at all. While very few people in the U.S. die from snake bites, some still do. So is the extra $20-120 worth it? It's pretty clear in my book.

Can snake proof boots be used for other functions?
This is kind of an odd question, but the answer is of course. While some styles of snake boots are only functional, many other styles are actually designed to look really good. This is especially true of womens snake boots. Many of the ladies snake proof boots are beautiful and designed to be worn socially in addition to giving fantastic natural protection.

Are there snake boots designed for kids?
Yes. These boots are made to provide great snake protection for young, old, and everyone in between. You might have to look a bit harder to find them, but these are made for children, young adults, and both men and women.

What is the best snake boot company?
There is no one company that is better than the others. All the major companies produce high quality products. Chippewa, Lacrosse, RedHead, Irish Setter, Herman, and Rocky are all very popular companies that produce snake bite proof boots, and there are many other companies here not even mentioned who also make very good footwear.

Do I need rattlesnake proof boots?
No. Snake boots are snake boots. Doesn't matter if it's rattlesnake, copperhead, coral snake, or cottonmouth. All of them are designed to stop fangs. Anyone charging extra money for a "specialized" snake proof boot is full of crap and is just trying to rip you off.

Those are some of the most common questions about snake proof boots, and now you know the answers. A great pair of snake proof boots can be a huge comfort in certain parts of the country, and if you have someone who is an avid outdoorsman, they're also great gifts.