Friday, June 20, 2008

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Quality Snake Boots - Boots to Prevent Snake Bites

There are a lot of questions about snake proof boots. Snake boots are quality boots that are designed with the specific purpose of protecting you from venomous snake bites. In the United States this means that snake bite boots will protect against coral snakes, rattlesnakes, copperheads, and water moccasins. While these vipers can be deadly, in the actual U.S. the average number of recorded deaths due to venom is around eight per year. In other countries the number is much much higher.

In South America snake bites are much more deadly. Whether it is in the Amazon rain forests of Brazil, or in other parts of this continent, quality snake boots are a must if you are going to be on some adventure hiking, or natural adventures of any kind. Anti snake boots can help fend off the vicious strikes of an aggressive Fer-de-Lance, one of the deadliest poisonous snakes in the world.

A good pair of boots to prevent snake bites, such as a pair of RedHead snake boots or Chippewa snake boots, can also fend off the strike of the Bushmaster, often considered the biggest competition with the Fer-de-Lance for the most dangerous snake in all of South America. Bites from either of those two snakes out in the wild can be deadly. A good pair of snake boots can prevent a deadly bite, and even if you are in range to get treated with anti-venom, this footwear will save you a lot of pain during the recovery process.

There are two major rattlesnakes south of the Rio Grande that you will want rattlesnake proof boots for. There's the Mexican West Coast rattlesnake and the South American rattlesnake. The West Coast rattler is a little more dangerous, and both are ranked as slightly more dangerous than the Eastern and Western Diamondback rattlesnakes from North America.

A Golden Lancehead is a prime example of the type of snake that makes you want a quality pair of Rocky snake boots. As for actual venom potency, this snake is only fifth or sixth in South America, but the venom is especially toxic and complex, meaning that anti-venom doesn't treat the bite as well, and so these bites can be especially deadly, cause allergic reactions, or even cause deep nerve, muscle, and tissue damage.

A good pair of quality snake boots is an absolute necessity if you're going to be doing a lot of wilderness travel in South America. If it can stop snake fangs, those snake boots will also be able to stop spider bites or scorpion stings, protecting you not only from the dangerous slithery snakes, but also all the creepy crawlies that could also cause some bad times.

What type of snake proof boots you wear don't necessarily matter, as long as they are made from a quality company like Lacrosse, Chippewa, Browning, or Herman. While there are differences between snake proof hunting boots, snake proof hiking boots, and ladies snake boots, they all protect equally well. Make sure to get snake boots that don't just protect your feet, but also protect your lower legs, since far more venomous snake bites will take place here than on any other part of the human body.

Are you going to camp and backpack Europe and think you're safe? Think again. While the only venomous snakes in Europe are the European Vipers, and they are among some of the least dangerous venomous snakes in the world, they are still around. If you're going to be buying a new pair of hiking boots anyway, why not spend the same amount of money (or less) getting a new or used pair of snake boots. If money is an issue, you can often find cheap snake proof boots on ebay.

If you're planning a trip to the land down under, around Australia or Papua New Guinea, then you know what the importance of quality snake boots are. Australia has many of not only the most venomous snakes in the world, but the most dangerous and aggressive snakes in the world, as well. While cobras and king cobras may very well be the most famous and feared of all the venomous snakes, they're not the most dangerous, and many of the more deadly vipers can all be found in Australia.

For example, the Papuan and Coastal Taipans are two of the deadliest venomous snakes in the world, both measured as far more dangerous than the king cobra. Before anti-venom was developed, the death rate from a single bite from either of these snakes was a full 100%. You definitely want to wear snake boots anywhere you might encounter these snakes, as they are known for being aggressive when they feel threatened, and are some of the very few snakes who strike multiple times with actual increasing amounts of venom with each bite. Other snakes run dry, these guys will keep doubling the dosage.

Good Australian snake proof boots are critical for this reason, and anyone who spends extensive time in the Outback, especially if you're a tourist, without a good pair of snake boots is down right foolish. There are both men's snake boots and women's snake boots, so there's no excuse for not having a quality pair of snake boots to protect yourself, no matter what part of the "never never" you're out checking out, as the locals like to call it.

Aside from the Taipans, there's also the large king brown snake, which is also deadlier than any type of cobra. A great pair of men's hiking snake boots or ladies quality snake boots will save you a lot of potential grief, pain, and may easily save your lives. Are you really going trust your life to a bar "cowboy" claiming that no snake can bite through cowboy boots? When it's your life on the line?

If price is an issue, look for snake boots sales discounts to find a pair of quality snake boots that you can afford, and that will protect you from even the worst of vipers no matter what continent you're on. Chippewa snake boots, lacrosse snake boots, browning snake boots, Herman snake boots, redhead snake boots, alpha venom snake boots, all of these are fantastic snake proof boots that can offer you complete protection, whether it's from a rattlesnake, European viper, or king cobra.

If you are doing some adventure traveling, make sure you find a pair of quality snake boots.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Snake Proof Boots | Australian Snake Boots | Australian Snake Proof Boots

This one will be a fairly quick post about snake proof boots, Australian Snake Boots, and other closely related subjects. In the last post I mentioned several different brands of snake boots, including:

Chippewa snake boots - This makes sense as Chippewa is one of the two largest producers of snake proof boots, with Lacrosse being the nearest competitor.
Lacrosse snake boots - Lacrosse is the other giant among snake boot companies, and along with Chippewa account for the majority of snake proof boots produced.
Herman snake boots - Although smaller, Herman already has a reputation for amazing snake proof boots and is quickly finding a loyal and devout following of fans.
Danner snake boots - Danner is another small niche company, but one that has made some amazing snake boots
Rocky snake boots - Another upstart, very new compared to the others, but with some great early reviews
Rocky Longbeard snake boots
RedHead snake boots
Winchester Proline snake boots
Herman Survivor snake boots

There was one brand of snake proof boot that I forgot, which is the alpha venom snake boot. This is a fantastic snake proof boot that will get a lot of attention from a very devoted niche. These boots are harder to find than the other more popular brands of snake boots on the list, but give you yet another option in your search for the perfect pair of snake proof boots.

There is a definite need for snake proof boots, as can be seen by the sheer number of search terms that have been used just in the past few weeks to look for them online:

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cabela's 17'' el dorado pull on snake boots in california (2 searches)
snake boots in California
RedHead snake proof boots
Chippewa Ladies Snakeboots
snake proof boots on ebay
snake bite boots
alpha venom snake boot
anti snake boots
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anti-snake bite boots

These are just some of the terms that have been typed into Google and other search engines to find the perfect pair of boots for trampling around in the Outback, or going on Safari in Africa. If you want snake boots that will protect you from the worst that can happen, then this is definitely the place to look.

Look ahead to more on future posts about Australian snake boots, alpha venom snake boots, and other snake proof boot news and info.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Snake Boots | Snake Proof Boots | Herman Survivor Boots | Anti Snake Boots

Snake Boot Reviews

There are a lot of different kinds of snake boots out there. I'm not only talking about snake proof hiking boots or snake proof hunting boots or bayou snake boots, but I'm also talking about the many different companies that make snake boots. There isn't just one or two types, but between all the different boot making companies and the many styles, there are literally a couple hundred different pair of snake boots available to the consumer. This wide array of choices can make picking out the perect pair of boots really difficult.

Some of the most popular brands of snake boots include:

  • Chippewa snake boots
  • Lacrosse snake boots
  • Herman snake boots
  • Danner snake boots
  • Rocky snake boots
  • Rocky Longbeard snake boots

Although all of these companies make a fantastic pair of snake proof boots, they don't have the entire market cornered. There are many popular companies not listed there, and two snake proof boot companies that have come up with great snake boots in recent years are the RedHead snake boots company, and also the Winchester Proline snake boots, which are very new but finding positive reviews right off the bat, which is always a good sign.

The Herman survivor snake boots are boots that are well renowned for holding up in the roughest of wilderness survival situations, and are also designed to prevent injury from snake bite, as well. This boot has a large number of fans, and is doing really well in making a name for itself among the experts. Many Rocky Longbeard snake book reviews also are commenting on the new series of snake proof boots being produced by this company long known for quality. Browning snake boots are holding their own, as well, especially in regards to women's snake boots.

Lacrosse snake boots proof once again that they are not giving up their title as one of the top snake boot companies out there. A good way to look for value, like for Lacrosse Boots Snake sale discount is to look on eBay for a pair of used Lacrosse snake proof boots. Chippewa snake boots (Chipewa snake boots is not another company, just spelled wrong) are also one of the most well known brands.

If you're looking for more details and more snake boots reviews, be sure to check out that site and keep looking for new posts on this blog about snake proof boots.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Snake Boots: So Many Choices of Snake Proof Boots

Your Snake Boot Choices

There are many different companies who make snake proof boots, and among the many choices for snake boots, it's hard to believe that you won't be able to find a pair of snake bite boots that fit your needs perfectly. Between several companies and the many different types and styles of snake boots available, there are literally hundreds of choices for both men and women, and some companies even make children's sized snake boots. This huge number of snake boots and snake boot choices definitely makes shopping harder than if there was just one top company or pair, but there isn't.

There are many different companies that make quality snake boots. The two most common "types" of snake boots are "snake proof hiking boots" and "snake proof hunting boots." The hunting boots are designed for wetland and marsh hunting, so while some companies make specific snake bayou boots, most snake boots designed for hunting should provide adequate protection for whatever type of wet lands you'll be slogging through.

Some of the most popular snake boot companies include:

  • Chippewa Snake Boots
  • Lacrosse Snake Boots
  • RedHead Snake Boots
  • Rocky Longbeard Snake Boots
  • Rocky Snake Boots
  • Herman Snake Boots
  • Danner Snake Boots
  • Winchester Proline Snake Boots

There are other companys that also make quality snake proof boots, but those names are the ones that are going to come up the most often. When the question "Can a snake bite through cowboy boots?" comes up there's always an argument and your end answer is yes, no, maybe, probably not, but who knows? That's not a lot of security.

The nice thing about having a pair of quality snake proof boots is that you don't have to worry about whether or not a rattlesnake can bite through cowboy boots, because you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that no snake can bite through a pair of well made snake boots. These snake proof boots have a large legion of fans, and there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of people searching for this information every day.

Whether you're looking for insulated hunting boots, the perfect pair of snake bite boots, or a pair of snake proof hiking boots that won't let you down, then online is definitely the place to look.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Snake Proof Boots | Snake Boots | Ladies Snake Boots | Ladies Snake Proof Boots | Chippewa Ladies Snake Boots

Ladies Snake Boots

While large camoflauge swamp boots work just fine as snake proof boots for men, but women may want something that looks a touch nicer. Obviously you're not looking for the perfect dress boot if you're looking for the right pair of snake boots, but it's not unreasonable to ask to look half way decent while having great protection from the local pit vipers or other creepy crawlies that have the ability to ruin an otherwise decent weekend.

One of the most popular companies that produce great looking snake proof boots is the Chippewa Boots company. In fact, Chippewa Ladies Snake Boots are among the most popular because they are designed specifically to fit a lady's feet and legs, while looking pretty darn good as a solid brown boot. Certainly much nicer looking than the camoflague men's snake hunting boots that are designed solely for purpose, and to a niche group of consumers who enjoy that sort of design.

The main difference between ladies snake boots and "regular" snake boots isn't much. Ladies' snake proof boots generally look nicer and are obviously fitted to a woman's boot size as opposed to men's boot sizes. These boots are just as effective at stopping a snake's fangs, and if you're wearing a pair of ladies' snake boots, you don't have to worry about snake fangs going through.

While there might still be those who argue whether or not a snake can bite through cowboy boots (some say it never happens, others say it does, others say it's rare but possible), there's no question that a good pair of ladies snake boots will stop any striking snake cold, leaving you a little freaked out, but none the worse for wear, and happy to avoid those major medical bills that come with even a basic stop into the local hospital or doctor.

There are a wide range of womens snake proof boots out there, and as more and more people look to the great outdoors, snake proof boots are going to remain a popular and necessary accessory. If you're looking for ladies' snake boots, you're sure to find a design you love. If you do this, then you're sure to love your choice of women's snake boots, and in the end isn't that a great bonus to have with the additional security that snake proof boots provide?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Snake Proof Boots in California | California Snake Boots | California Snake Proof Boots

Are Snake Proof Boots Necessary in California?

There are some people who wonder if there are specific types of snake proof boots that are necessary for particular areas. Because of the large number of mountains and hiking trails in California, there are often hikers and other outdoorsmen searching the web to figure out what type of snake proof boots they need in California. Finding good snake proof boots in California is like finding good snake boots anywhere.

The only natural venomous snakes that are native to California are various types of rattlesnakes. Like anywhere else, these can be a danger when hiking in environments where these pit vipers like to live. Think about it though, why would there be any difference between rattlesnakes in California and ones that live in Iowa or North Carolina? Good snake boots in California are good snake boots no matter where you are.

The answer is that there isn't any difference. Snake proof boots are snake proof boots. A pair of Lacrosse Snake Boots will work just as well as a pair of Chippewa Snake Boots, which will work just as well as any other pair you can find. Every pair of snake boots is designed to stop the fangs of vipers from sinking in, so don't get fooled by any stores saying that their boots are specifically designed to protect from snakes in California.

The right pair of snake boots will protect you from snake bites whether it is a rattlesnake in the United States, a Fer-de-Lance in the Amazon rain forest, a Cobra in India, or anything in between. Good snake proof boots will protect you against any type of a bite, so if you see someone advertising the perfect snake proof boots in California, you can tell them where to shove it.

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