Saturday, May 31, 2008

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While Chippewa snake proof boots and Lacrosse snake proof boots might be more familiar names, over the past several years RedHead has produced absolutely amazing snake boots, and every single year is seems like RedHead snake boots only keep getting better and better.

Most of the RedHead snake proof boots are designed with Turkey hunting season in mind. Not only across the south, but in many parts of the country wild turkey season is maybe the favorite of all hunting seasons. This often means trampling through woods, or depending where you live, even swamps, in all the places you usually wouldn't go. This means you're much more likely to stumble over the coral snakes, cottonmouths, copperheads, and rattlesnakes that you generally want to avoid.

Do enough walking around through wooded and swampy areas, and sooner or later you'll really want a pair of snake proof boots because it will only be a matter of time until you end up surprising a venomous snake...and if you're unlucky enough to surprise a viper, then you'll be very glad to be wearing RedHead snake-proof boots.

Most snakes will try to avoid you, but sometimes you'll just surprise one, or one will be inadvertantly backed into a corner. This is when having that extra bit of protection will make all the difference, and you'll be very glad to have it. Keeping your feet in boots that are snake proof will help you avoid the bite of both venomous snakes, but also non-venomous snakes, whose bites can still become infected and cause you extra harm.

There are snake proof boots designed for the woods, but if you need that extra protection for the swamps that not only protects your feet, but also your lower legs, then the RedHead Bayou Snake Boots are a fantastic choice. These fit great and work like normal hunting boots, but are completely snake proof.

What's even better about RedHead Snake Boots is that several versions zip on, making them very easy to put on and off while still offering the full level of protection that you would expect from any snake proof boot.

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