Saturday, October 31, 2009

Justin Snake Proof Boots

More on Justin Snake Boots

Justin snake boots continue to gain in popularity because of their comfort, great design, and reputation for producing a quality product. Another reason Justin snake boots tend to do well is because they are known far and wide outside of the snake boot circuit. Justin makes cowboy boots, hunting boots, hiking boots - you name the type of quality boot or outdoor footwear and there is a very good chance that this company makes that product.

Because of this, snake proof boots might be considered a minor market in the overall picture of this company's portfolio - but that's no reason to worry about quality work. The reason Justin Boots has gotten to where it is can only be described with two words: quality work.

Is their work much better than that of other companies who produce the same products? That's hard to say and really is a matter of personal opinion. When it comes to snake boots the only way I judge them is to ask the question of whether they work or not. All the major companies make boots designed to keep the fangs of venomous snakes away, and Justin snake boots are no exception.

In the end, deciding on the appropriate footwear for you requires your own personal preferences and tastes to be figured into the mix. But there is never any reason not to give a good pair of Justin snake boots a shot.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snake Proof Boots: The FAQ

Questions on Snake Proof Boots

There might be few products anywhere that have as many questions about them as snake proof boots. A good pair of snake proof boots can definitely be a life saver out while hunting or hiking. This footwear is designed with the specific intent of preventing the fangs of a venomous snake from penetrating past the skin. By having boots like this that often cover all the way to the knee, the danger from snake bites is greatly reduced when hiking or hunting in areas that are known to be heavily infested.

While the idea of this gear is appealing to a lot of people, there are many questions that arise when looking at these ever important outdoors gear. Because of this, I thought this snake proof boots blog should have a post answering the many questions and answers that all come from many consumers who want to know whether or not these are worth the price.

Frequently asked questions about snake proof boots:

Do snake proof boots really work?
The short answer to this is yes. While each company has its own claim on their boots, these boots are specifically designed to stop snake fangs in a way that other boots are not designed to do. While cowboy boots or big rubber hunting boots might occasionally deflect a snake's blow, they're not specifically designed to do so the way that snake boots are.

Are snake proof boots worth the higher prices?
First of all, there isn't a huge difference in price between regular hunting boots versus snake proof hunting boots. That said, the average hospital or clinic cost for someone who has to have a venomous snake bite treated is now around the area of $10,000 in the United States. And that's if there's no complications at all. While very few people in the U.S. die from snake bites, some still do. So is the extra $20-120 worth it? It's pretty clear in my book.

Can snake proof boots be used for other functions?
This is kind of an odd question, but the answer is of course. While some styles of snake boots are only functional, many other styles are actually designed to look really good. This is especially true of womens snake boots. Many of the ladies snake proof boots are beautiful and designed to be worn socially in addition to giving fantastic natural protection.

Are there snake boots designed for kids?
Yes. These boots are made to provide great snake protection for young, old, and everyone in between. You might have to look a bit harder to find them, but these are made for children, young adults, and both men and women.

What is the best snake boot company?
There is no one company that is better than the others. All the major companies produce high quality products. Chippewa, Lacrosse, RedHead, Irish Setter, Herman, and Rocky are all very popular companies that produce snake bite proof boots, and there are many other companies here not even mentioned who also make very good footwear.

Do I need rattlesnake proof boots?
No. Snake boots are snake boots. Doesn't matter if it's rattlesnake, copperhead, coral snake, or cottonmouth. All of them are designed to stop fangs. Anyone charging extra money for a "specialized" snake proof boot is full of crap and is just trying to rip you off.

Those are some of the most common questions about snake proof boots, and now you know the answers. A great pair of snake proof boots can be a huge comfort in certain parts of the country, and if you have someone who is an avid outdoorsman, they're also great gifts.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Waterproof Snake Boots | Waterproof Snake Proof Boots

Waterproof Snake Proof Boots

There are many people who don’t believe that waterproof snake proof boots are necessary. Some say that it's overkill, and argue that most regular pair of boots will be sufficient to keep venomous snakes from penetrating through your footwear and biting your feet or legs. Sometimes this might be true. However, why wouldn't you pay the same amount for a pair of certified snake proof boots? When you're walking in an area that is fully inhabited by a lot of potentially lethal snakes, isn’t it in your best interest to make sure that you have the best possible snake protection? Because if you're wrong, even if you get treated, the medical bills will make it up to a $10,000 mistake for not wearing a quality pair of snake boots.

Safety while you are spending time pursuing your outdoor activities is absolutely vital. Wearing the proper snake proof gear in the woods will ensure that you are not hurt or even killed while you are hunting or just hiking in the woods. Waterproof snake boots will keep your feet dry for those times when you are walking in marshy areas or rain soaked woods.

Waterproof snake proof boots are also designed to be completely and utterly impenetrable by snakes. In the event you do run across a snake during your time in the woods, the boot will ensure that even if the snake bites your leg or foot, it will not penetrate through to your skin.

It is important that you prevent snake bites in areas where lethal snakes are known to be present. There are some snakes that will deliver a lethal bite if they are encountered. If you are in the woods on your own, this could be a life threatening situation. This is why it's so baffling not to choose a pair of good snake proof boots for the same price as a regular pair of good hunting boots.

There are some very high quality waterproof snake boots on the market that will not cost you an unreasonable amount of money. The boots are very comparable in price to other waterproof boots on the market and you will be able to pick up these great safety items for your time in the woods. Preparing for a potentially dangerous situation should be a part of your safety precautions when you are dealing with an environment that has so many potential hazards. Snake proof boots are the perfect way to do that, and getting a pair of waterproof snake boots is perfect for most hunters.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camo Snake Boots

Camouflage Snake Proof Boots

Camo snake proof boots can be a very important part of a hunter's arsenal. Many hunters know that having the proper gear while in the woods is essential to being safe and getting the best results from your time outdoors. With a little bit of preparation, you can ensure that your hunting time is safe and secure from any number of dangers. Camo snake boots are a common part of some hunters gear when there is a concern for snakes in the area where the hunter is walking.

Many vipers can penetrate ordinary boot materials in some cases and that is where your camo snake boots can offer an extra level of protection. The boots are designed to coordinate with your other camo gear and give you a high quality boot that cannot be penetrated by a snake bite. These boots are also affordable and comfortable for long walks in the woods.

Many of the snake boots that you can purchase are also waterproof. These keep your feet dry when you are walking through marshy areas or those areas that have been flooded by rain. Choose the camo snake boots that will work best in the area that you will be walking.

There are a number of different brands on the market that offer very high quality boots. These well made boots will last you for a number of years if they are well taken care of during their lifetime.

Take some time to review the various brands that are on the market to find the best snake boots for your money. The higher priced boots may cost you more up front, but over time they will prove to be a much better value. The boots that last for a number of years will provide you with years of use. Take the time to choose high quality camouflage snake proof boots to ensure that you are getting the very best for your money.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snake Proof Boots for Kids

Kids Snake Proof Boots

Maybe one of the most common misinformed notions about snake proof boots is that they are only for men, for hunters, or only come in adult sizes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only are there great snake proof boots for both men and women in all sizes, but several of the companies like LaCrosse, Chippewa, and others make snake proof boots for kids. This makes a lot of sense, because it's not just adults who need protection. If you're hunting in a swamp with your 13 year old, don't you want your kid to have the same level of protection from venomous snakes as you do?

Kids snake proof boots come in all sizes from very young children up through teenager. These boots are made to the same standard as all the other sizes, and are designed with puncture resistant material that is made specifically to prevent any fangs from ever being able to break through and get to the skin. These are designed to go up to the knees to maximize leg protection for whenever you're walking through an area that might be hazardous.

While at first glance kids snake proof boots might seem a little overboard, if you live in an area that is infested with venomous snakes, they make a lot of sense. This is protection for the kids, and even saving yourself from one hospital bill is huge - as anyone who has had to deal with a $10,000 hospital bill for treating a snake bite can attest to.

These are very well made boots that are designed to stop the fangs of any snake - so don't fall for the "rattlesnake proof boots" or "copperhead proof boots" scams that you sometimes see. Any pair of snake proof boots is designed to stop the fangs of any snake, period. There is no boot just to stop rattlesnake bites, and no boot just to stop copperheads or water moccasins or cobras. A good snake boot is a good snake boot and it is designed to work against any type of snake's fang that comes down on it.

If you haven't looked into the option of kids snake proof boots, this is something definitely worth taking a look at - especially since they are sold right along side the regular adult sized snake proof boots from any major company that offers them.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Top 10 Snake Proof Boot Companies

Snake Proof Boot Companies

Snake proof boots are specialized boots that are designed to be functional for a wide variety of outdoor uses while also offering guaranteed protection against venomous snake bites. Snake proof boots were seen as being a much needed bit of footwear that are especially useful in areas that have a large concentration of venomous snakes around. Snake boots offer some of the best snake protection available, and are often seen as absolutely necessary for areas like the swampy south, or southwest desert - places that have a lot of rattlesnakes, coral snakes, copperheads, and/or water moccasins around. Snake proof boots are great apparel to protect people from the bites of these nasty slithering critters, and there are many different snake proof boot companies that specialize in making these great products.

This blog post wants to recognize the best companies that produce the snake proof boots that hunters, hikers, and other outdoor workers or enthusiasts can all enjoy. While there are other companies that also make quality snake boots, the following make some of the best selling and most well known snake proof boots out anywhere on the market.

#1: Chippewa Snake Proof Boots: Most of this list isn't in any particular order as all these companies make fantastic snake proof boots, but Chippewa snake proof boots are among the best selling and most recognized in the world. For several years now the best selling model of snake proof boots have been made by the Chippewa boot company. While there are many great snake boot companies competing for crown of top dog, Chippewa snake proof boots, at lest for now, seem to really have the crown. In fact, the best selling snake boot in America last year was the Chippewa 23913 men's snake boot. About any type of protective boot designed to stop snake boots will be excellent, but Chippewa is still tops, for now.

#2: Lacrosse Snake Proof Boots: Lacrosse is another company that is very well known for making excellent snake proof boots. Lacrosse snake boots have long been associated with quality, and are often mentioned hand in hand with Chippewa as two of the largest and best known companies in this field. To use an analogy, if you compared snake boots to soda, there are dozens of soda companies, but Chippewa and Lacrosse are the Pepsi & Coke of snake boots.

Lacrosse is a company that is particularly known for hunting boots. Because of that it makes sense that a company specializing in outdoor footwear and hunting gear would also be excellent at producing snake proof boots. Lacrosse snake proof hunting boots are designed to be used in both the woods and the swamps, and in many places in the South are a necessary safety precaution for hunting in swampland full of venomous snakes. Lacrosse snake proof boots are extremely popular, although many more niche based snake boot companies are aiming to catch up.

#3 Rocky Snake Proof Boots: Rocky Snake Proof Boots have gained strong popularity in recent years. Rocky Snake Boots are an excellent bit of footwear that provide hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts with extra protection from vipers when out in the wild. Many snake proof boots are going to be similar, and like Lacrosse, Rocky Boots concentrates a lot on hunting. One major difference that makes this company popular, is that they also concentrate on boys snake proof boots and girls snake proof boots, offering protective snake boots for kids and young teenagers. Many companies solely concentrate on adult sizes, so if you're looking for some excellent snake boots for younger wearers, then Rocky Snake Boots might definitely be the way to go.

#4 Herman Snake Proof Boots: Herman snake proof boots are another brand that have done especially well in recent years. In fact, based on the chatter online one could argue that Herman snake boots are growing faster in popularity than any other brand. Whether or not this will continue remains to be seen, but among snake boots and the many snake proof boot companies out there, Herman snake proof boots are a good choice that will stand up to most comparisons, even with much larger and more well established competitors.

#5 Justin Snake Proof Boots: Justin Snake Proof Boots are quality snake boots that are a smaller niche in the snake boot market, but have a very solid reputation. Unlike many of the other companies on this list, the Justin company doesn't completely specialize in hunting boots and snake boots, but this company is a boot company first and foremost. Despite this, snake boots from the Justin Company are still very reliable and well made.

#6 RedHead Snake Proof Boots: RedHead Snake Boots have a strong group of avid devotees who firmly believe in this brand above and beyond the others. RedHead is an excellent choice for medium budget hunters and outdoorsmen, and in particular the RedHead Ultra 16 Snake Boot Hunting Boots in particular is one of the specific styles of snake boots released by the RedHead company that is getting a lot of positive reviews from purchasers online.

#7 Irish Setter Snake Proof Boots: Irish Setter Snake Boots aren't nearly as well known as most of the others on this list, but these are high quality boots that are specifically designed for hunters in swampy and snake infested areas. These snake boots have been sometimes referred to as "leg armor against snake bites," and are built to both be rugged and comfortable. The Irish Setter snake boots are insulated and warm, as well as thoroughly water proof. If you find a good cheap pair of these hunting boots on sale, they're worth the buy.

#8 Danner Snake Proof Boots: This is a reliable company that has a more limited selection of snake proof boots than some of the other companies further up on this list, but a pair of Danner snake boots will get the job done just like any of the others on this list. Boots from Danner will be ust as effective at keeping the feet dry and viper fangs away as any other pair of snake boots you find on the open market.

#9 Gameguard Snake Proof Boots: If this name sounds familiar, but not because of footwear, then you're on to something. Gameguard camoflauge snake proof boots are a fine quality snake boot, but Gameguard is more well known for snake proof leg guards and snake proof chaps. Still, that should be reassuring that since this company specializes in snake protecton that they really know how to make a snake proof boot that is going to be as good as any competitor on the market.

#10 Mossy Oak Snake Proof Boots: Mossy Oak Snake Boots are a brand of protective footwear that even most hunters have never heard of. These boots are some of the best snake proof boots that the larger Lacrosse company has to offer. They've been tried, tested, and are considered the best blend available of being light weight, incredibly strong, and fully functional. The Mossy snake proof boots were designed with the Southern turkey hunter in mind.

So that's a list of ten of the best snake proof boot companies around - maybe even the only one of its kind online as of this writing. I hope you enjoyed it and found this article a great resources all about snake proof boots.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Justin Snake Boots

Justin Snake Boots

Justin Snake Boots are just one of several types of really good snake proof boots that are worth taking a serious look at when you're in the market for good snake boots. In fact, many people believe that Justin snake proof hunting boots are some of the best designed hunting boots of any kind out there. Even better for individuals who decide that this is the right brand of snake boots for them: there are over 400 different styles of Justin Boots, meaning that you are almost certain to find the right snake proof boots for your specific need.

The Justin Snake Boots company makes a wide variety of snake boots. There are Justin snake proof hiking boots to protect from those desert hikes were a rattler might be keeping in the shade of a nearby rock. For the Southern hunters who don't want to worry about Cottonmouths, Copperheads, or Rattlesnakes while hunting deer or wild turkey in the swamps, Justin snake proof swamp boots or Justin snake proof hunting boots are perfectly made to be water proof, warm, and still prevent any viper fangs from getting anywhere close to your skin. No matter what your need, Justin snake boots are sure to have a style that will fill it.

For some people a good pair of Justin snake boots needs to be functional and that's about it. For others, style might play a part. That's why Justin snake boots also make several different styles of womens snake boots, just to be on the safe side. Some Justin snake boots are designed for pure function, other snake boots work functionally and still look good enough to be half way decent dress boots.

Justin is one of the most trusted names in the business of making snake proof boots, so if you're looking around for a decent pair of snake proof boots, then a pair of new quality Justin Snake Boots might be just the ticket.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Different Types of Snake Boots

There are several different types of snake boots, and depending on your environment or where you're looking at being, that can change what type of boot you want to wear. There are snake proof boots that are designed by RedHead, Browning, Danner, Chippewa, and Lacrosse, among many others. All of these companies make boots that offer great protection against snakes and snake bites.

In addition to this, not every snake proof boot is made the same way. There are snake proof hiking boots, which are going to be a whole lot different than snake proof hunting boots. There are smaller snake boots and larger swamp boots. Since there are many different environments where venomous snakes can be, there need to be many different designs of protective snake boots in order to make sure everyone is covered with options.

If you are considering a type of snake proof boot, look at the may different options that are available and decide which fit your environment better before making the purchase.