Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Snake Proof Boots in California | California Snake Boots | California Snake Proof Boots

Are Snake Proof Boots Necessary in California?

There are some people who wonder if there are specific types of snake proof boots that are necessary for particular areas. Because of the large number of mountains and hiking trails in California, there are often hikers and other outdoorsmen searching the web to figure out what type of snake proof boots they need in California. Finding good snake proof boots in California is like finding good snake boots anywhere.

The only natural venomous snakes that are native to California are various types of rattlesnakes. Like anywhere else, these can be a danger when hiking in environments where these pit vipers like to live. Think about it though, why would there be any difference between rattlesnakes in California and ones that live in Iowa or North Carolina? Good snake boots in California are good snake boots no matter where you are.

The answer is that there isn't any difference. Snake proof boots are snake proof boots. A pair of Lacrosse Snake Boots will work just as well as a pair of Chippewa Snake Boots, which will work just as well as any other pair you can find. Every pair of snake boots is designed to stop the fangs of vipers from sinking in, so don't get fooled by any stores saying that their boots are specifically designed to protect from snakes in California.

The right pair of snake boots will protect you from snake bites whether it is a rattlesnake in the United States, a Fer-de-Lance in the Amazon rain forest, a Cobra in India, or anything in between. Good snake proof boots will protect you against any type of a bite, so if you see someone advertising the perfect snake proof boots in California, you can tell them where to shove it.

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