Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Snake Proof Boots | Australian Snake Boots | Australian Snake Proof Boots

This one will be a fairly quick post about snake proof boots, Australian Snake Boots, and other closely related subjects. In the last post I mentioned several different brands of snake boots, including:

Chippewa snake boots - This makes sense as Chippewa is one of the two largest producers of snake proof boots, with Lacrosse being the nearest competitor.
Lacrosse snake boots - Lacrosse is the other giant among snake boot companies, and along with Chippewa account for the majority of snake proof boots produced.
Herman snake boots - Although smaller, Herman already has a reputation for amazing snake proof boots and is quickly finding a loyal and devout following of fans.
Danner snake boots - Danner is another small niche company, but one that has made some amazing snake boots
Rocky snake boots - Another upstart, very new compared to the others, but with some great early reviews
Rocky Longbeard snake boots
RedHead snake boots
Winchester Proline snake boots
Herman Survivor snake boots

There was one brand of snake proof boot that I forgot, which is the alpha venom snake boot. This is a fantastic snake proof boot that will get a lot of attention from a very devoted niche. These boots are harder to find than the other more popular brands of snake boots on the list, but give you yet another option in your search for the perfect pair of snake proof boots.

There is a definite need for snake proof boots, as can be seen by the sheer number of search terms that have been used just in the past few weeks to look for them online:

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can a snake bite through cowboy boots
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cabela's 17'' el dorado pull on snake boots in california (2 searches)
snake boots in California
RedHead snake proof boots
Chippewa Ladies Snakeboots
snake proof boots on ebay
snake bite boots
alpha venom snake boot
anti snake boots
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anti-snake bite boots

These are just some of the terms that have been typed into Google and other search engines to find the perfect pair of boots for trampling around in the Outback, or going on Safari in Africa. If you want snake boots that will protect you from the worst that can happen, then this is definitely the place to look.

Look ahead to more on future posts about Australian snake boots, alpha venom snake boots, and other snake proof boot news and info.

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