Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Ladies Snake Boots

While large camoflauge swamp boots work just fine as snake proof boots for men, but women may want something that looks a touch nicer. Obviously you're not looking for the perfect dress boot if you're looking for the right pair of snake boots, but it's not unreasonable to ask to look half way decent while having great protection from the local pit vipers or other creepy crawlies that have the ability to ruin an otherwise decent weekend.

One of the most popular companies that produce great looking snake proof boots is the Chippewa Boots company. In fact, Chippewa Ladies Snake Boots are among the most popular because they are designed specifically to fit a lady's feet and legs, while looking pretty darn good as a solid brown boot. Certainly much nicer looking than the camoflague men's snake hunting boots that are designed solely for purpose, and to a niche group of consumers who enjoy that sort of design.

The main difference between ladies snake boots and "regular" snake boots isn't much. Ladies' snake proof boots generally look nicer and are obviously fitted to a woman's boot size as opposed to men's boot sizes. These boots are just as effective at stopping a snake's fangs, and if you're wearing a pair of ladies' snake boots, you don't have to worry about snake fangs going through.

While there might still be those who argue whether or not a snake can bite through cowboy boots (some say it never happens, others say it does, others say it's rare but possible), there's no question that a good pair of ladies snake boots will stop any striking snake cold, leaving you a little freaked out, but none the worse for wear, and happy to avoid those major medical bills that come with even a basic stop into the local hospital or doctor.

There are a wide range of womens snake proof boots out there, and as more and more people look to the great outdoors, snake proof boots are going to remain a popular and necessary accessory. If you're looking for ladies' snake boots, you're sure to find a design you love. If you do this, then you're sure to love your choice of women's snake boots, and in the end isn't that a great bonus to have with the additional security that snake proof boots provide?

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