Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snake Proof Boots for Kids

Kids Snake Proof Boots

Maybe one of the most common misinformed notions about snake proof boots is that they are only for men, for hunters, or only come in adult sizes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only are there great snake proof boots for both men and women in all sizes, but several of the companies like LaCrosse, Chippewa, and others make snake proof boots for kids. This makes a lot of sense, because it's not just adults who need protection. If you're hunting in a swamp with your 13 year old, don't you want your kid to have the same level of protection from venomous snakes as you do?

Kids snake proof boots come in all sizes from very young children up through teenager. These boots are made to the same standard as all the other sizes, and are designed with puncture resistant material that is made specifically to prevent any fangs from ever being able to break through and get to the skin. These are designed to go up to the knees to maximize leg protection for whenever you're walking through an area that might be hazardous.

While at first glance kids snake proof boots might seem a little overboard, if you live in an area that is infested with venomous snakes, they make a lot of sense. This is protection for the kids, and even saving yourself from one hospital bill is huge - as anyone who has had to deal with a $10,000 hospital bill for treating a snake bite can attest to.

These are very well made boots that are designed to stop the fangs of any snake - so don't fall for the "rattlesnake proof boots" or "copperhead proof boots" scams that you sometimes see. Any pair of snake proof boots is designed to stop the fangs of any snake, period. There is no boot just to stop rattlesnake bites, and no boot just to stop copperheads or water moccasins or cobras. A good snake boot is a good snake boot and it is designed to work against any type of snake's fang that comes down on it.

If you haven't looked into the option of kids snake proof boots, this is something definitely worth taking a look at - especially since they are sold right along side the regular adult sized snake proof boots from any major company that offers them.


Kids boots said...

Most people think that these kind of shoes are for adults but I think these kind of boots should also be worn by children during outdoor activities.

Anonymous said...

What would you suggest for toddlers then? We live in the country and have already found a dead juevnile rattlesnake, in April!!!

plumbing said...

Just a tip in buying a snake proof boots, some boots will say things like "rattlesnake proof boots" or "specially designed to protect against vipers." Don't pay extra. All snake proof boots are designed to stop a snake bite. All of them.