Saturday, October 31, 2009

Justin Snake Proof Boots

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Justin snake boots continue to gain in popularity because of their comfort, great design, and reputation for producing a quality product. Another reason Justin snake boots tend to do well is because they are known far and wide outside of the snake boot circuit. Justin makes cowboy boots, hunting boots, hiking boots - you name the type of quality boot or outdoor footwear and there is a very good chance that this company makes that product.

Because of this, snake proof boots might be considered a minor market in the overall picture of this company's portfolio - but that's no reason to worry about quality work. The reason Justin Boots has gotten to where it is can only be described with two words: quality work.

Is their work much better than that of other companies who produce the same products? That's hard to say and really is a matter of personal opinion. When it comes to snake boots the only way I judge them is to ask the question of whether they work or not. All the major companies make boots designed to keep the fangs of venomous snakes away, and Justin snake boots are no exception.

In the end, deciding on the appropriate footwear for you requires your own personal preferences and tastes to be figured into the mix. But there is never any reason not to give a good pair of Justin snake boots a shot.


Justin Thomas said...

Hey Big Alaska, I have a quick question for you. I have never really heard of Justin Snake Boots, but I am a big time hiker and outdoorsman. One of my biggest fears have always been being bit by a snake. Are Justin Snake Boots comfortable enough and sturdy enough for me to take them hiking, fishing, and camping while providing enough protection? Let me know what you think.

Big Alaska said...

Hey Justin, I definitely think that for the average hiker, Justin snake boots will be more than enough. As with anywhere, environment has something to do with it. In a desert, no very thick multi-layered boot is going to be comfortable, but the majority of the time, snake proof boots are going to be just as comfortable as regular hiking footwear. So as long as you're not hitting Death Valley or anything like that, a good pair of Justin boots should be enough for all your needs.