Friday, August 20, 2010

Snake Proof Boots: What to Look For in a Good Pair of Snake Boots

Snake Boots: What to Shop for

Snake proof boots come in a huge variety of different styles and forms. In fact, there are many different types of these protective anti snake boots that are made by over a dozen different companies who specialize in many different types of footwear. When looking through these companies it's important to note that some specifically specialize in snake proof boots and only snake proof boots, but there are others who are hiking, hunting, or outdoor boot companies first and foremost who also have a specific section for this type of protective footwear. The biggest concern with these companies is to make sure the specific brand you buy are designed to stop snake fangs and aren't just normal outdoor boots that may or may not stop a venomous snake bite, but which are not designed for that use. While these boots are generally more expensive than a normal pair, the extra security is often worth the price, and smart shoppers can find many great deals on inexpensive snake proof boots.

So when you're shopping for a new pair, there are several things you need to look at in order to make a good informed decision. The first is to know what the specific uses for your boots are. There are good quality snake boots for many different environments. The best pair for a harsh desert environment is going to be completely different than the best pair for swamps or wetlands. The latter demands water proof boots and footwear that are more likely to look like rubber, as well as heavier insulation inside to keep the feet warm and dry. In the desert people don't need or want extra insulation to keep their feet warmer, and they don't want boots that thick and rubber.

In that example, a person from each situation would want a completely different pair of good snake boots, but that couldn't be confirmed until the needs of each side were clearly laid out. The next step is to look at consumer reviews. Every company's website is going to declare their products the best ever. Finding good impartial reviews is the best way to find which companies are actually stepping up to the plate and which are not.'s rating system and customer reviews can offer some very good insight into this process by giving you access to actual reviews from actual customers.

Finally, price is an issue. Many of the highest pairs of snake boots can run over $200, but this extra money isn't for extra protection. If boots are touted as being snake proof, they have to be snake proof. The extra expense comes from things like insulation, state of the art comforting or water proofing, or other similar extras that are important for boots, but not for "extra protection." Figure out what you really need versus what you don't, and do a little bit of extra searching to find the best online deals for snake proof boots.

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