Friday, November 7, 2008

Snake Proof Boots & Other Snake Proof Clothing

Snake Proof Boots

Snake proof boots are good things, I think, since if you're scared of snakes like me a snake proof boot is going to be more reassuring than a normal hiking boot or rubber boot that might not stop a snake bite. Rattlesnake proof boots are just rip-offs since a snake boot is a snake boot and there isn't really any big difference worth mentioning. I'm not an expert or anything, but I've been around outdoors and it seems to make sense that one pair of fangs is like another and if you want snake bite protection then any snake boot should really do its job well otherwise it wouldn't be a real snake proof boot, would it?

There are many different types of snake proof boots (the same as snake boots, in case I forgot to mention that snake boots and snake proof boots are the same thing) and deciding on the best ones is hard to do since there are so many different opinions about which snake boots are best. Rubber snake proof hip boots are good for swamps and marshes and stuff like that, but maybe are a bad idea as snakebite protection on a long hike. Hiking the Appalachian trail in big snake proof rubber boots isn't a smart idea, just like normal snake proof hiking boots aren't very good for marshy areas, probably.

This is why you need to be careful when you're looking for the right pair of snake proof boots or other types of snake proof clothing that you get the right type and style of boot for whatever your specific need are. Snake proof rubber hunting boots are perfect for swampy areas while obviously snake proof hiking boots are much better for steep and dusty hiking trails.

Knowing what type of snake boots are best is what makes for a better purchase!

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